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How to book my tickets ?

Looking for an event
In the search bar, type your search (artist, event, room, city). Then start the search by clicking on the magnifying glass icon or the Enter key on your keyboard. You can then filter the results of your search, using the filters tab by event name, month, city, or venue.

How to be informed of upcoming onsales and latest shows ?
Acting on behalf of event organizers, we only communicate about upcoming events once they have been officially confirmed by the organizers. To keep you informed about the news of your favorite artists and events, we offer you different ways :
- Keyword alerts: Sign up for keyword alerts to be automatically notified you when an event that matches the keyword is available for sale.
- Venue alerts: Sign up for alerts for your favorite venue to receive programming,
- Event alert: your event is announced but not yet on sale, subscribe to the E-Mail alert to be notified when we open sales.
- Social medias: follow us on facebook and twitter to be informed of the main onsales,
- Home page and the various thematic pages of our website : we announce the main shows on sale, or whose the onsale is close.

Given the number of events on sale each week, we are unfortunately unable to respond to individual inquiries.

My basket
Your basket is a summary of your ongoing booking. At this stage, the seats you've chosen (your tickets) are yours and no one else can book them. You have a 20 minutes window to complete your booking. Past this delay, your seats are going on sale again. We also propose you a range of additional services, including the possibility to insure your tickets, should you not be able to attend the event. We kindly remind you that tickets can not be refunded, nor exchanged.

Choose your booking method (Interactive Seat Map / Automatic assignement)
The Interactive Seat Map (ISM) allows you to choose yourself your seat in the venue among the seats we've been allocated by the promoter. Warning : you cannot leave a seat alone and/or at the end of a row. Automatic assignement delivers the best seats available within the category you've chosen. In some cases, you may even choose the gate for a finer assignement.

Discounted fares
We offer for booking discounted fares as decided by the organizer of the event, and specifying the beneficiaries of these prices: children, students, job seekers, seniors, family ... Some discounted fares are conditioned to the presentation of proof at the entrance of the room.

Choose your method of delivery
We may offer you various methods of delivery, depending on event type and localisation :
- by signature mail or whenever possible, e-ticket (print at home). Both methods are invoiced to you on top of your tickets.
- we also propose you free collection of your tickets in more than 1000 withdrawal points all over France.

Payment / Accepted methods of payment
We accept American Express, Visa or Mastercard credit or debit cards, or Ticketmaster France Gift Card.
For customers domiciled in Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg, orders can also be paid by bank transfer (subject to a sufficient delay of 14 days between the date of the order and the event).
Payment must be sent within 7 days after the order on the account:
IBAN: FR7630056007740774461017318
Account owner : Ticketnet - Challenge 92-101 Avenue François Arago - 92017 Nanterre Cedex - France

What is 3D Secure ?
3D Secure is a tool that allows us to check that the credit / debit card used for payment is actually yours and on the contrary, to guarantee you that your card is not being used for fraud. For this purpose, your Bank will previously have asked you to link your card to a mobile phone number. During the payment process, you should receive a 6 digits code. You will then need to enter this code on our site to process your payment and validate your order.

How to collect my tickets in a store ?

Where to find the closest withdrawal point ?
To find the closest withdrawal point, click on the "Retrait magasin" link on the top right corner of our homepage. You then need to select the area in which you want to collect your tickets, the list is then displayed in alphabetical order.
You may collect your tickets in any of those withdrawal points.

How can I collect my tickets ?
You can collect your tickets in any of our collection points. There's no need to select your withdrawal point. your tickets will be automatically available in every collection points of our network.

To collect your tickets, you will need to show up at the ticketing kiosk of the withdrawal point with :
- your order confirmation e-mail,
- the credit / debit card used for payment on our site,
- a valid ID

You'll be able to collect your tickets from the moment when you receive your order confirmation until the beginning hour of the show.

Tickets can not be collected at the venue.
Please check the opening hours and days of the withdrawal point before going there.

Can someone else collect my tickets on my behalf ?
Someone else may collect your tickets on your behalf, provided you have given him / her
- a written consent,
- a photocopy of your ID
- a photocopy of the credit / debit card used for payment on our website. The 4 first digits and 2 last digits on the face need to be clearly visible (other digits may be blurred).

I changed my credit card, or it has expired: how to withdraw my tickets in store ?
If you are no longer in possession of the credit card that has been used for payment (because it has expired or because your card has changed), we invite you to bring the following documents in order to collect your tickets in store :
- a statement of account showing the debit corresponding to your order,
- your ID,
- the number of the order (which appears on the order confirmation email).
Upon presentation of these documents, the store will contact our customer service for permission to edit.

Cancelled / Postponed event

My event has been canceled. How to get refunded ?
Should an event be cancelled (and not postponed), you are fully entitled to a refund of your tickets (excluding any other fees such as postage fees or insurance).
Le remboursement des billets s’effectue dans les conditions suivantes.

We invite you to return the original tickets (and keep a copy for yourself) to :
Challenge 92
101 Avenue François Arago
We advise you to return them with signature mail and make a copy of your tickets. Otherwise, in case of loss of your parcel by the postal services, we wouldn't be able to refund you.

If your tickets are e-tickets, please send them back to :

You'll be refunded on the credit / debit card used for payement on our website. Please note that we only refund the buyer of the tickets

Refund delay for canceled events
After reception of your tickets by our customer service, please allow an average 4 weeks delay to get refund of your order.

My account

Creating my account / Logging in
After having validated your basket, you need to create an account or log in if you already are a Ticketmaster France customer. When creating an account, a valid e-mail address is compulsory and you need to link it to a password. We also ask you to enter a valid postal address and optionally, a phone number. We strongly advise you to register this number (preferably a mobile phone) so that we can reach you, should the event you plan to attend be canceled or postponed. Whenever you come back on our website, you'll be able to log in with this e-mail address and password.

Forgotten password ?
In case of loss of your password, you will be asked to enter the em-ail address linked to your account. An e-mail is then sent on this address to reset your password.

How to report a change of adress ?
You are moving or want to change the address on your account: go to My account section where you can change your details.
The change of address will then apply to all the orders in progress and still unedited. If the status of your order is EDITEE, the change of address can not be applied to this order.

My data
Please head to our privacy policy at for more information on how we use your data and your rights..

How to manage registrations to email alerts and newsletters ?
Go to My account / My email alerts to manage subcription / unsubcription to our newsletters and alerts.
You can also use the Unsubcribe link (bottom of our newsletters and alerts).

My orders

How to follow my order ?
In this section, you may follow your order status, get your parcel tracking number, print or re-print your e-tickets. You may also access to all your past orders and print an invoice for each of them.

Order status
An order can have several different statutes.

Payment status RESA RESA indicates that the settlement of your order we are not yet come, when paying by check, ANCV check or wire transfer.
You have 10 days to send us your payment. During this time your order is queued receiving your payment.
Your order will be definitively confirmed upon receipt of your payment.
Warning : your order will be canceled if payment is not received within 10 days.

Payment status SOLDEE (PAID) means that your order is validated and paid for in our system, your tickets are guaranteed.

Treatment status NON EDITEE (UNEDITED) means:
- If you have chosen the withdrawal store, you're not gone to get your tickets in stores,
- If you have chosen a mailing that your tickets have not yet been edited to be delivered to postal services.

Treatment status EDITEE (EDITED) indicates that your tickets have been published:
- In the case of electronic tickets, the status is displayed immediately at the end of your order,
- If you have chosen a mail, it means that your order has been edited for delivery to postal services.
- After being published, your order is delivered to postal services within 48 hours.
- There may be a delay of several days between the payment of your order and printing depending on the proximity of the date of your event.
- If you have chosen the withdrawal stores, this means that you already have collected your tickets.

How to track my delivery ?
You can track your delivery as follow.

Signature Mail : Your order is delivered to postal services within 48 business hours of editing. The shipping tracking number is available 24 hours after your order in My Account / My Orders section.
Tracking of your order tracking number is possible as soon as your order is supported by the postal service, usually within four days following its issue by us. An email is sent to you when your order is supported by the postal service.
Track your order on La Poste website.
The average time of receipt is about 7 days, depending on routing conditions by the postal services.

DHL Express France : Reception times are :
- 13h to the day after your order for orders taken before 15h,
- the next day at 13h for orders placed after 15h.
Warning: no delivery on Saturdays and Sundays.
Your tickets will be sent by secure fold.
Track your order on DHL website.

DHL Express Wordlwide :
You receive your order within 48 hours throughout Europe and the world.
Warning : no delivery on Saturdays and Sundays.
Your tickets will be sent by secure fold.
Track your order on DHL website.

Print / Re-print my e-ticket
Once payment has been processed, you may print your e-tickets to the PDF format (Adobe Acrobat Reader). You may also save your e-tickets on your computer and print them whenever you need them or if they got unreadable. Moreover, we send your e-tickets as attachements in your order confirmation e-mail and you may access them at any time in your account section.

Can I resell my ticket ?
In accordance with the French law of June 27, 1919, you may resell your ticket at face value or lower.

In case of a loss or theft of tickets
In the case of a loss or theft of tickets, it is not always possible for us to generate duplicates.
Tickets purchased are subject to french ticketing legislation and events and venues procedures.
Duplicates of unnumbered tickets or for sporting events are prohibited.
In other cases, duplicates are subject to venue regulation and authorization of the organizer of the event.
For duplicate requests in case of loss or theft, please contact us 2-3 weeks before the event via the contact form available in the "Contact Us" tab.
To submit your request to the organizers, we will need at least of the following documents :
- In case of loss: writen attestation of loss of your tickets, and a copy of your ID,
- In case of theft: a copy of the police complaint and a copy your ID.

Can I modify my order ?
Ticketmaster acts as sales intermediary between clients and events organizers. Ticketmaster does so on behalf of the latter. At the request of the organizers, a ticket order can not be changed or refunded (except in case of cancellation or postponement of the show - in the conditions of the organizer).

How can I get an invoice ?
You may print an invoice for each order in your account section.
You can print your invoice up to one year after the date of the event.

E-ticket / M-ticket

What is a E-ticket / M-ticket ?
The e-ticket (electronic ticket) or print at home ticket is available on a range of events available online.
Contrary to a traditionnal ticket, the e-ticket is a ticket that you can print yourself at home, in colour or black and white, with a regular printer connected to your computer.
Each e-ticket has a unique barcode, and each e-ticket is scanned at the venue. Therefore, if you buy 2 e-tickets, please print each of them on a separate A4 blank sheet.
E-ticket and m-ticket orders can not be collected at withdrawal points.

Can I reprint my e-ticket ?
You may print your e-tickets as many times as you wish. However, if more than one copy were to arrive, only the first scan of the barcode on your ticket will be allowed entry. Please note that you are responsible for the use of your tickets.

All e-tickets / m-tickets of my order bear my name. Yet, I plan to attend the show with other people, will they be able to enter ?
For most events, only the barcode is scanned at the venue, and all valid ticket holder will enter the venue.
There is a small number of events that the ticket holder does need to attend. For shows like this we will make you aware at the beginning of the booking.
Should the promoter or the venue require an ID Check, you'll be ask to enter the holders names during your booking process.

I wish to give my ticket : will the new holder be allowed to enter the venue ?
For most events, you can give it to a friend or family member. We advise you to give him permission to use your e-ticket and a copy of your ID. There is a small number of events that the ticket holder does need to attend. For shows like this we will make you aware at the beginning of the booking. An official and valid ID with photo may be asked to identify the buyer of tickets. For some events, tickets are strictly nominative and can not be transfered.

Cancellation Insurance

What is Cancellation Insurrance ?
We offer cancellation insurance in partnership with Mondial Assistance.
The insurance is taken out when purchasing your tickets.
By choosing Cancellation insurance, Mondial Assistance will refund your show tickets, to a limit of € 200 per ticket, in the following cases:
- Illness, accident of yourself or your loved ones
- Transit Strike
- Serious damage to the home or to your vehicle
- Change of holiday dates
- theft of tickets
- Death of yourself or your loved ones
- Convening a resit under graduate
- Administrative Convocation
- Childbirth
- Loss or theft of identification documents
All participants in the show are automatically covered.

This text is a presentation of Comprehensive Insurance and has no contractual value. For terms and conditions apply, please refer to the terms and conditions. For terms and conditions, price and procedure in case of disaster, click here

How to subscribe Cancellation Insurance ?
The insurance is taken out when purchasing your tickets.
It is proposed to obtain insurance during your ticket order.
The amount of insurance depends on the amount of your order except insurance and cost of obtaining tickets. "
This text is a presentation of Comprehensive Insurance and has no contractual value. For terms and conditions apply, please refer to the terms and conditions. For terms and conditions, price and procedure in case of disaster, click here

How to report a claim to insurance ?
Step 1 : In the event of a disaster, please make your claim on the website
You can also claim by phone + 33 (0)1 42 99 03 95 (Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm).

Step 2 : Send all documents requested by Mondial Assistance in order to justify the reason for the cancellation.

Step 3 : If the claim is accepted, the repayment of the Note will be made by check or transfer credit card. This text is a presentation of Comprehensive Insurance and has no contractual value. For terms and conditions apply, please refer to the terms and conditions. For terms and conditions, price and procedure in case of disaster, click here

Interactive Seat Map

How does the Interactive Seat Map work ?
Whenever technically possible, we offer you to choose yourself your seats on a 3D venue seat map. To access this functionnality, click on the ISM (Interactive Seat Map) button on the event page. A window then pops up with all available numbered seats. To select your seats, click on the area of the venue you want, the map zooms in and you can then click on the seats of your choice.

Why can't I select some seat even if they seem available on the map ?
Filling the venues requires some rules in order not to create "holes" in the audience. This is the reason why we do not allow you to leave single seats in the middle or at the end of rows. Such would be impossible to sell afterwards. That is why, even though you may see them as available on the map, you may not be able to select them.

Automatic seats assignement

How does the automatic assignement work ?
Your booking is done in real time on multiple ticketing servers with an algorythm that delivers the best seats available in the requested category. On a range of events, an Interactive Seat Map allows you to choose yourself your seats in the venue. Our system informs you in real time of the availability of tickets while your order, according to your choice of date and category. Should there be no tickets left on the selected category or date, the system then propose you the best remaining seats among the other categories or dates.

Are my seats next to eachother ?
Our system automatically assigns the seats next to eachother. Your basket page will mention this. Should there not be enough contiguous seats left to satisfy your order, we will inform you with the following message "UNCONTIGUOUS SEATS", and you will be asked to acknowledge this piece of information to process your order.


Presales available on this site are open to all customers - unless special conditions.
They allow customers to have early access to tickets for certain events.
The date and duration of each presale is specified for each of them. The amount of tickets available for each presale is allocated by producer of the event.
Presales may be subject to certain limitations, such as the number of tickets per customer.

CollectorTicket (Billetcollector)

What is CollectorTicketTM / BilletcollectorTM ?
The collecTorticketTM (ot billetcollectorTM) is a real ticket, printed on a plastified and laminated card with the artwork of the event and a barcode on the face and all ticket information on the back (title of the event, venue, date, seat location, face value, etc...). It is delivered with a lanyard and a unique glossy package. We offer it to you as an option on your order, whenever validated by the promoter.

How much does it cost ?
Each collectorticketTM (billetcollectorTM) costs 4,90 € on top of the ticket face value. This price includes the collectorticket, the lanyard and the glossy package.

Ticketmaster Gift Cards

How can I buy a gift card ?
The Ticketmaster by Ticketnet gift cards are available only on our website at the following page.
You may select the following amounts : 30€, 50€ or 100€. Once added to your basket, you are invited to process your order as you would do for tickets. Warning : the computer processing of gift cards not being the same as tickets, you can not mix gift cards and tickets in the same basket. You will need to make two bookings.

How to use a gift card ?
A gift card includes on its face a unique ID and a security code, as a credit / debit do. To use it, select "gift card" as a method of payment during your booking. You'll be aésked to enter the ID and security code to process your payment. If the amount of your card covers the entire amount of your order, the order is validated and the amount left on the card is displayed. In the contrary, you'll be requested to use a second method of payment to complete your order.

Can I set up myself the amount of my gift card ?
For the time being, this functionnality is not available

Platinum tickets by Ticketmaster

What are Official Platinum Tickets by Ticketmaster ?
The Platinum by Ticketmaster program is offered on a selection of major events. Platinum Tickets are in demand tickets to concerts and other events made available by artists and event organisers though Ticketmaster. They give fans fair and safe access to in demand seats at market driven prices.
Platinum tickets are ticket-only purchases and prices are subject to change at any time.

Why are these tickets a higher price than regular tickets ?
The prices are adjusted according to supply and demand, similar to how airline tickets and hotel rooms are sold. The goal is to give the most passionate fans fair and safe access to in demand tickets, while allowing the artists and everyone involved in staging live events to price tickets closer to their true value.

Are Platinum tickets resale tickets ?
No these are not resale tickets. Platinum Tickets are being sold for the very first time through Ticketmaster. The prices are adjusted according to supply and demand, similar to how airline tickets and hotel rooms are sold. The goal is to give the most passionate fans fair and safe access to in demand tickets, while allowing the artists and everyone involved in staging live events to price tickets closer to their true value. Was this answer helpful?

How to contact us for any other subject ?

Contact us
If you have not found answer to your question, you can contact us by email at If your question refers to an order you have placed, please specify in your email the number of the order, the title of the event concerned and the name and surname associated with the order.